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Holding Soil

Save our Soil

Don't give it away


 We need soil to sustain life, but our soils are degrading at an alarming rate, and now one-third of the world’s arable soils are degraded. The problem worsens when we consider that soil (which is a combination of minerals, air, organic matter, water, and living organisms) can take a thousand years for just one centimetre to form.

Bee on a Daisy
Water Drops

Water is Life

And we can access it!

Ponds and Water Sources

Many ponds and waterways are left unattended, and to that end they are often areas for litter and waste to accumulate and thus create unattractive and unhealthy environments for all. Ultimately, there is no need for it, and it is time to change our perspectives, our attitudes and our actions. Putting every water course into a concrete culvert is an idea from the industrial revolution era that not only deprives everything natural of water, but it completely removes its use and its beauty, and hides it away forever.
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Foggy Forest

Meeting our future water needs

The framework contributes to 2 of the pledges in the government's 25 year environment plan. These are to:

  • leave the environment in a better state than we found it

  • improve resilience to drought and minimise interruptions to water supplies

The national framework explores England's long term water needs for:​

  • public water supplies

  • agriculture

  • the power and industry sectors

  • environmental protection

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Energy & Sustainability

So many missed opportunities, until now. The Hive Effect.

Why don't we create energy in Oldbury?

It's a secret for now.

There are some seriously interesting ideas and theories for generating energy within The Hive Effect project already. Unfortunately, it is way too early to be giving away any secrets, and whilst we haven’t harnessed perpetual motion just yet, we do dream big!
This part of the project will attract the attention of other groups of likeminded people that share a common interest within the energy industry, because if the ideas truly are viable, there is already a demand.

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